jiaxing acoustic-electric industrial company is a supplier of saw device and it's raw material ,parts. who register in southlake-zone of jiaxing industrial aeria. there is three research institution and two factory to resaerch and development and produce the saw products and other products.

    vice general manager & sales manager: mr.linhaiming

    saw branchdr branchr&d branchtechnical system branch
    mr.xie hua(vice manager)mr. zhou shanmr. wang xuemr. li xin

    if you have any question on the products of
    1. saw filter,saw resonator,saw duplexer
    2. dielectric resonator, filter
    3. litao3,linbo3,quarts, ingot and wafer
    4. ac/dc power tranfer, and dc/dc power tranfer
    you can contact sales@sawseek.com , you will get quickly response concern with.

    welcome the all customers all over the world !

    add: no.568 chengnan road, jiaxing, zhejiang, china
    sales office£º4th floor, no.148 zhongshan road jiaxing, zhejiang, china
    tel: ++86 573 82085787
    fax: ++86 573 82112607
    p.c.: 314000
    e-mail: lhm@sawseek.com